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Elev8 Assessments provides high-quality data-driven assessments to assess your current and future workforce. We offer valuable insights to measure the skills, knowledge, and performance potential of assessment participants all over the MENA region.

Enhance Assessment Participant experience and Improve
Business Return on Investment (ROI)

Elev8 Assessments is an objective assessments provider that uses proven, reliable, and science- based
measurements to quantify an individual’s personality characteristics, knowledge, and abilities.

Niche Focus

Elev8 specializes in improving your salesforce by enhancing their skills through focused assessments and tools. This generates up to 30% more to the business and allows your organization to identify and develop more robust sales assets outperforming the competition. We know the value of high-level marketing, advertising, and closing sales revenue.

Regional Focus

In Elev8 Assessments we apply our assessment tools, research, and advanced insights to clients in the Middle East and Africa. Our assessments are building on the unique regional characteristics of the population.

Hiring Insights

Our well-researched solutions offer leaders a more holistic view of each recruitment candidate and potential team addition. This provides valuable performance previews that increase retention rates while providing a faster solution to filter through a talent pool.

Talent Focus

Finding the right candidate for a unique open placement is a true challenge. That is why Elev8 focuses on providing centralized and evidence-based tools to sift through your potential applicant pool and target those individuals who show the most promise. Our goal is to help you find the highest value candidate to help grow, develop, and enhance your company.

Elev8 Solutions


Our advanced psychometric assessments analyze the behavior, skills, knowledge, and talent of potential recruitment candidates to help your human resource department, leaders, and headhunters sift through the numerous applications to identify high-quality talent aligned with your business culture and placement requirements.

Unbiased Talent Insights

Our trusted, scientific, and professional assessments are designed to offer talent related insights and unbiased data-driven frameworks using cutting-edge assessments. This enables your business to stay ahead of the competition.

Higher ROI on Talent Selection

Talent selection is a pivotal component of your talent strategy. Advanced, cost-effective tools and methodologies like Elev8's reliable, valid psychometrics and interview approaches help capture the ability of a recruitment candidate to perform in a given position. Our goal is to enhance your hiring practices, so you can effectively fill openings with talent that elevates your existing team and operations. You can use the tool below to help you calculate your return on investment using Elev8's tools.

We have provided the following guidance to help you use our online calculator. The following is required from your current recruitment process. It is preferred you calculate this for one job role, although could do this for multiple job roles.

  1. Enter the number of Employees you are planning to hire in the coming year.
  2. Cost of hiring / replacing an employee typically ranges between 10% and 30%. This can include direct costs such as cost to advertise and cost to train them, and indirect costs such as lost productivity, etc. This includes voluntary or involuntary employee turnover.
  3. Enter the level of job complexity for the jobs you have in mind to hire for. Examples for each level have been provided to help you:
    1. Low complexity = routine, blue-collar jobs such as welders, or clerical jobs such as grocery checkout operators.
    2. Medium complexity = craftsmen e.g. chefs or repairmen, or clerical roles with some decision making responsibilities e.g. claims evaluators, or sales travel agents
    3. High complexity = jobs with complex decision making responsibilities which may range from software sales representative, insurance agent, lawyer, to doctor.
  4. Enter the current average time to hire for this position or positions in days.
  5. Enter the current average salary per year in USD for this position or positions.
  6. Estimate what the average productivity is for an average performer in USD. For instance, what is average sales your sales representative makes in a year.
  7. Select from the dropdown the current, primary method for recruitment of this position or positions. Average predictive validities are provided based on 100 plus years of research (Schmidt, 2016).
  8. Select your future, preferred recruitment approach. Research has found that combining assessments such as the use of a cognitive ability test and a structured interview improves your ability to predict performance.
  9. Type in how many days you would like to hire within. Recent research shows that top talent can be off the market within 10 days. Use of psychometrics like those of Elev8 Assessments can help you screen candidates much faster. Enter a value that is less than what you are currently averaging.


100 %

365 Days



365 Days

ROI Calculator

Based on your inputs, here are your results.

Your total costs for hiring.


Percentage Improvement in ability to predict future performance of candidates.

58 %

Percentage reduction in time to hire.

58 %

Estimated total gain in productivity per person.


Estimated total gain in productivity across all new hires.


For a more detailed analysis, click on the button below.

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The calculator can help you estimate your total costs for hire. You can talk to us about your costs and how we can support your ambitious initiatives.

Based on 100 plus years of research, you can see how much better your ability to predict becomes by using combined assessments as part of a solution like Elev8's.

Using automated, reliable valid tools helps organizations like yours hire faster and target the high performers.

The calculator can also help HR professionals estimate the boost in productivity if you improve how you hire. You can see it per new hire or across all new hires. The idea is to help you see how better hiring leads to improved productivity gains.

For a more detailed and accurate calculation, please contact us by requesting a full report.

What are the system requirements for Elev8 Assessments?

Please note your system settings may differ from the below depending on the assessments you are completing.

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