Elev8 Psychometrics

Psychometric assessments are unbiased tools widely utilized by successful companies all over the world. They are used primarily to support talent-related decisions. Each of the various assessments available provides valuable insights into the different stages of an employee's journey through your company.

Our Elev8 psychometric assessments have been designed by experts with verified outputs by psychometricians, psychologists, and data scientists to make them highly reliable and valid. In addition, we incorporate third-party assessment verification where applicable for further authenticity.

Numerical Reasoning Assessments

Numerical reasoning assessments are designed to measure your talent's numerical ability to interpret, analyze, and formulate conclusions based on data sets. The goal is to test their ability to apply numerical understanding in a realistic context. Assessment participants will be presented with common mathematical functions like basic arithmetic, percentages, fractions, ratios, averages, and statistical information in different forms like tables and charts.

 Relevant Reports Include: 

  • Numerical Assessment Report
  • Elev8 Sales Process Model Report
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Verbal Reasoning Assessment image

Verbal Reasoning Assessment

Our verbal reasoning assessments measure your candidate's ability to comprehend written texts and arguments and reach correct conclusions. This helps assess how well they can communicate and digest verbal information.

This is a multiple-choice assessment that candidates can take on our Elev8 PortalĀ®.

 Relevant Reports Include: 

  • Elev8 Sales Process Model Report
  • Verbal Reasoning Assessment Report

Logical Reasoning Assessments

Logical reasoning assessments measure your talent's ability to interpret abstract information and think logically. Our assessment taps into both inductive and deductive reasoning.

Relevant Reports Include:>

  • Elev8 Sales Process Model Report
  • Logical Reasoning Assessment Report
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Knowledge Assessments

Elev8 Assessments works with various industries around the MENA region that require solid job-specific knowledge for their key positions. Knowledge assessments are designed to gauge technical or professional expertise in selected knowledge areas. 

Relevant Reports Include: 

  • Job Knowledge Report
  • Sales Knowledge Report
  • Elev8 Sales Process Model Report

SJQ Assessment

The situational Judgment Questionnaire assesses participants' ability to choose the most appropriate action in workplace situations. It is designed to assess how a participant would handle situations that could be encountered in the workplace.

By presenting the participant with realistic hypothetical work-related situations, you gain an understanding of how they will tackle the challenges. This makes your HR team and leaders more confident in their development and selection decisions. 

This also allows an assessment participant to showcase their skills for reactive decision-making and practical intelligence. 

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Occupational Values Locator image

Occupational Values Locator

Occupational Values Locator is a self-reporting tool that helps identify what we value most in a job. It helps to discover the top 6 occupational values and suggest career options accordingly. Different trained users can benefit from the Occupational Values Locator:

  • Recruiters: as a way to find people whose personal values match with the hiring organisation. It can also be used to share the organization's culture, values, and goals with potential employees. 
  • Career coaches: as a tool to help their clients identify their occupational values, and support them to make better career decisions by providing clarity of what important in their work and career

Personality Assessments

Personality is essential to understanding an assessment participant's overall potential and predicting their likely behavior in the future. This essential tool is tied directly to potential job performance and is critical for promotion and hiring decision-making. 

Our personality assessments provide valuable insights into how potential and existing employees see themselves across various personality traits. This creates a report for leaders to consider their working styles and how they will integrate into the current company culture.

This assessment is typically not timed but may take around 20 minutes to complete. It is available on Elev8 PortalĀ®. 

Relevant Reports Include: 

  • Standard Personality Report
  • Coaching Report
  • Development Tips Report
  • Elev8 Sales Process Model Report
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