Elev8 Portal

With our cloud-based Elev8 Portal®, your hiring team gains valuable access to our comprehensive talent assessments. The easy-to-navigate interface features a centralized access point for talent program management and data-driven results to inform your decision-making processes.

We developed our Elev8 Portal® with our stakeholders in mind. That is why using Elev8 Portal is a seamless experience for all users including our partners, client companies, employees and recruitment candidates. Our innovative and easy to follow process allows for assessments, project setup and reports generation, providing insights into your assessment participant’s behavior profile and future work performance predictors.

Features include:

  • Multiple user accounts
  • Access to standard Elev8 psychometric assessments and tools
  • Ability to create customized assessments
  • Automate multi-stage assessment projects
  • Direct access to all Elev8 standard assessments and solutions
elev8 portal image