Research and Studies

Elev8 Assessments periodically performs research and validation studies in the field of psychometric assessments and work psychology, focusing on talent management, performance prediction, and sales efficiency. Our goal is to constantly be at the forefront of new methods that can be implemented and integrated into our assessment tools and our client’s strategic talent-related processes.

The aim of our studies is to lay the ground for a systematic review of our psychometric tests and their measurement properties (discriminant validity, test-retest reliability, inter-rater reliability, criterion validity).

Our research and study efforts are focused on occupational-related assessments and all our personality tests and reports are focused on the workplace context. Our studies do not include work in areas like Projective tests, mental health assessments or assessments for school.

Elev8 Sales Performance Study

Elev8 Assessments is proud to announce the ongoing validity study of our sales performance concerning our Elev8 products. We are deciphering how well the job performance of numerous sales professionals is and how they integrate with the current business climate. The goal of this study is to acquire new measurement parameters that portray the ideal sales force.

Our active research is in 5 primary areas, including:

  • Personality traits needed for success
  • Cognitive Abilities of high performing salespeople
  • Sales Competencies
  • Depth and Scope of Product Knowledge

If you would like to learn more about the outcomes of this study, keep a close eye on our News section.