Elevate Performance, Elevate lives

Elev8 Assessments blends science, technology, and people to provide data-driven solutions to businesses all over the greater MENA region. We are a science-based assessment provider partnering with companies to discover valuable insights and unbiased solutions validated by comprehensive data.

Our tools measure an individual’s personality characteristics, knowledge, and abilities to predict on-the-job behaviors and potential. These help company leaders, managers and HR professionals to make informed, data driven decisions across the entire employees’ lifecycle, including selection, development, coaching, and promotion.

We have a variety assessment products and corresponding reports that enable stakeholders to make those critical decisions, whether hiring for graduate or leaders.

Who We Are


To provide talent management solutions that empower businesses to make data driven hiring and developmental decisions that are supported by the latest science.


Our vision is to inspire businesses to utilize workforce insights to elevate value add in talent identification and development-related processes.


  1. High-Quality - we will always strive to use the latest scientifically backed processes to ensure only the highest quality data for our clients.
  2. Collaboration - We always cooperate closely with our clients. We work closely with HR departments, leaders and teams to ensure objective talent related decisions are made. This helps ensure the success and future of your organization.
  3. Integrity - we focus on transparency which leads to higher trust and confidence in our business relationships.
  4. Client Value Creation - we will always provide our clients with the best value proposition possible by giving them the tools they need to identify and develop.


The more we can provide our stakeholders with high-value talent insights, the faster they can realize their strategic goals. This ripple effect allows for sustainable success and growth for businesses in the region. On a macro-level, this improves the development of a growing economy around the Middle East and Africa.