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Benefits of Psychometric Testing for Future Employees

18% of companies currently use personality assessments in the hiring process, according to a survey conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management. This number is growing at a rate of 10-15% a year according to many industrial and organizational psychologists, as well as the Association for Test Publishers. Source:( Employers reap many benefits from psychometric testing, but this also has benefits for employees too. Some individuals may consider personality assessments as invasive or unnecessary. It would help your hiring and onboarding process to explain why these things matter to the company and to them. Here are some of the main benefits you can communicate to potential and current employees alike:


1 – Testing Provides Pre-screening to Minimize Wasted Time

Any automated process that narrows down the field of applicants for a single job makes the application process simpler. Chances are, talented professionals apply to multiple positions in the hopes of landing the best one. A robust selection process that leverages the benefits of psychometrics that can help ensure that you sift out candidates that do not match the pre-agreed job requirements and/or company culture. This will mean less time and energy wasted on those who do not fit, particularly during the interview stage. These assessments also improve fairness since every applicant has to go through the same process.  

2 – Align Employees with Company Goals

Besides knowing their skills match what your firm needs, it also helps to make sure that a future employee shares professional goals with the company itself. This can help identify potential when it comes to things like sales ability or technical improvements. Even the most highly skilled applicant may not provide your firm with what it needs to boost revenue, increase market reach, or engage in other growth activities.


3 – Match Future Employees With Office Culture

Every business operates in a slightly different way. Company culture includes things like organization, adherence to strict rules or more flexibility, a focus on employee participation, and views on hierarchical management, job role specificity, and similar things. The best way to hire top talent who will stick around is to match their preferences with your workplace culture. This improves job satisfaction and the likelihood that the employees feel fulfilled and appreciated.


4 – Testing Mental and Emotional Intelligence

As mentioned above, it takes more than technical skills to make a great employee. You need team members who can communicate clearly, have sufficient cognitive skills, can make decisions, and think in an agile manner. Also, emotional stability and the ability to regulate one's own emotions are important soft skills that make the workplace a more pleasant environment.


5 – Decrease Costs and Time Spent on the Hiring Process

Any company can save a lot of money if they hire the right person, to begin with. Psychometric testing is a useful tool if you are aiming to achieve this. For instance, It can reduce the risk of rapid turnover, and reduce hiring timeframes, and admin loads. Overall, the inclusion of assessments makes the hiring process more efficient and cost-effective for the business. It can also improve candidate experience and employer branding.


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