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Keeping Top Talent Involves Supporting Their Professional Goals

It takes so much more than an attractive salary or job title to keep top talent interested in their current position with your company. These highly talented employees have many options when it comes to choosing a position that fulfills their professional goals. Of course, basic characteristics like location, earnings, benefits packages, and work-life balance matter to everyone. However, more people who are at the top of their game in any industry have additional criteria for long-term placement. Your company must support their personal and career goals if you want to keep them interested and engaged.


Know and Understand Their Mission and Values


What does your new employee value above all else? Some options include job security, rapid salary advancement, job title and achievement recognition that looks good on their resume, flexibility to improve work-life balance, educational or training opportunities to expand their career in new directions, or creative freedom to use their own ideas to benefit the firm.

You must convey your brand's mission and values clearly from the beginning of the hiring process. These are not things you are going to change on a whim or for a single talented individual. However, when you know what the new employee wants from their job, you have the option to provide it.


Involve Your Firm With Their Professional Goals


People do not become top talents in their field without dedication, interest, and a drive to improve constantly. These employees have their own professional and career goals. They choose to work at your firm because they believe you will provide an opportunity to reach them. If you do not and only look at them as a way to further company interests, you will lose them quickly.

Do not attempt to stifle the forward motion of rising stars. Instead, discuss and create a plan for their advancement within the company that aligns with their chosen career path. This does not mean you have to promise promotions constantly to bribe them into staying with you. Recognizing and supporting their interest in growth shows your appreciation for their skills and willingness to work with them to find the best placement possible.


Ensure Top Talent Fits With Your Company


Far too much money and time get wasted by companies who look for talented employees to fulfill defined positions instead of benefiting the firm as a whole. It takes more than work-related skillsets to keep top talent interested and on the payroll for years to come. A lot of this suitability has to do with company culture. Recruiters must find top applicants whose values and personality align with company culture in order to prevent value clashes and conflict down the road.

This makes ensuring that every employee fits with your company more important than ever before. Using ELEV8's Values matching solution and Personality Assessment ( as part of our integrated solution during your hiring process can help you here.